Why are cocktails the perfect drink for singletons at parties?

Picture this.

You walk into a crowded party. The place is jumping; great tunes, nice vibe and there is a bar in the corner. Next to the bar is an attractive girl drinking something that resembles a Californian sunset – multi coloured, multi layered, exotic and extremely eye catching.


At this point, a self-assured and confident gentleman may take the opportunity to ask her what she is drinking. She may tell you the drink is called an Italian Sunset Cocktail.

“An Italian sunset cocktail!, wow, what’s in that?”, you may enquire. She could then passionately describe the ingredients which include; amaretto liqueur; orange juice; soda water and a dash of grenadine.

This lady has also garnished hers with pineapple which is outlandish – she is clearly a maverick of the highest order with a sophisticated palate and intricate knowledge of subtle flavours.

The conversation flows, and in turn you discuss your own cocktail of choice; a White Russian with your own special twist.

Talk of cocktails stimulates discussion of exotic locations, travel, your hopes, dreams and aspirations, and due to the strength of the beverages you both become quickly intoxicated.

Two years later you are both decorating the nursery in your beautiful house in anticipation of the arrival of your second child.


Let’s consider another example involving the barman serving drinks at the same party.

This guy can really make drinks, he’s got serious skills. He can pull pints, sure, but so can anyone. What sets him apart is his encyclopaedic knowledge of spirits, liqueurs, wines, champagne, ales and cider. He knows how they complement each other, fuse together and creating exhilarating beverages.

He is a mixologist with the persona of a magician; a beverage alchemist who moves around the bar like a ninja, effortlessly wowing onlookers with his sleight of hand tricks. He is the star of his own show, and his skills, along with his smooth patter, have attracted the attention of a small group of females at the bar. He will not be going home alone on this fine evening.


I’m not saying other drinks aren’t great; they are just different and perhaps best used in other environments.

Lager can make one bloated and sleepy; real ale is synonymous with pies and folk music and red wine can render one defenceless against the wrath of stained teeth and lips, particularly after large quantities.

I’m also not suggesting the consumption, creation or discussion of cocktails will automatically lead to coitus or a meaningful long term relationship.

However, when was the last time you had a conversation with a potential partner about a can of Fosters?

I rest my case. 


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