Espresso Martini Cocktail


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Our take on the Espresso Martini.

The perfect after dinner drink. Gives you a nice kick of the caffiene with the alcohol. Perfect for chirping you up after a large meal at a restaurant or at home with friends.

I cannot recommend the Espresso Martini Cocktail highly enough.

This is because I really like coffee... If you don't like coff ee stay well away. Thankfully most people do so please read on.

This cocktail is very easy to make if you have some Tia Maria or Kahlua lying around after Christmas.

I recommend using fresh coffee for this cocktail, it makes the difference and use an espresso machine if possible.

Remember that after making the coffee it needs to cool, you can either let it rest in the fridge for a few mins or just chuck it in the shaker with loads of ice for a rapid force-chill.




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- 1 Shot Espresso coffee (I like to use 2)

- 1 Shot Vodka

- 1 Shot Coffee Liqueur, I generally use Tia Maria

- 1 Shot White crème de cacao, not essential. Only for the most decadent...

- Garnish: Coffee beans.

Remember to chill the martini glass and espresso!



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Grab a chilled Martini Cocktail Glass.Fill a shaker with ice and add the alcohol and espresso

Shake it and strain your cocktail into the chilled glass.

Toss in 3 coffee beans so they rest on the froth and enjoy.



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- You can use filter coffee instead. I wouldn't though...

- 3 of these will keep you awake for a while but give you an energetic hangover

- You can use flavored vodka, well you can do whatever you like but Vanilla Vodka makes for a nice twist. Vanilla + Coffee mean goodness.

< This was taken with an iPhone.












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