Pink Gin Cocktail


A typically British way to enjoy gin. Well, aside from a gin and tonic...

Pink Gin was created by naval officers, a high rank take on grog. Angostura bitters was sold to the Navy in the early 1800's as a cure for seasickness and stomach problems.

The House of Angostura was the company created to manufacture and sell this product and it is still around today.

If you add Tonic Water (which contains quinine) to the pink gin you have British miracle cocktail which will help with Malaria too. It also tastes pretty good.

Traditionally Bitters was swirled around the inside of the glass before adding the gin.







- 2 shots gin of choice (Plymouth ideally)

- Dash of bitters to taste (I prefer a generous amount)

- Lemon twist garnish

Remember to chill the glass!









Very simple:

Grab a chilled glass

.Fill a shaker with ice and add the alcohol and bitters

Shake it and strain into a chilled glass of choice.

Make a lemon twist to garnish .




- Traditionalists use Plymouth Gin

- You can use any glass for this cocktail, ideally a rocks

- Experiment with different types of bitters

- Can be served as pink gin + tonic whereby you top up with tonic.






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