Vanilla Martini Cocktail


One of our favourite varients of the classic martini. The vanilla sweetens the normally very strong flavours present in the martini. Perfect for beginning a night out.

I didn't really think I even liked vanilla until I tried this. Nowadays it is one of my cocktails of choice. I think this is because the vanilla used in this cocktails is not the 'typical' vanilla flavouring you find in ice cream.

It has a raw and uncaged flavour, unprocessed and wild like a wolf!

You will need to aquire some vanilla pods which can be rather tricky to come by and don't really look like pods in my opinion, more like sticks... regardless we highly rate this one.


Vanilla Martini 19



- 50ml Vodka of choice

- 25ml Sweet Vermouth

- 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence

- Dash of sugar syrup

- Garnish: 1 Vanilla Pod (they look like sticks)

Remember to chill the martini glass!





Vanilla Martini 120


Grab a chilled Martini Cocktail Glass.Fill a shaker with ice and add the ingredients.

Shake it and strain your cocktail into the chilled glass.

Pop in the vanilla pod and serve.




Vanilla Martini 123




- You can use vanilla flavour if you want

- Be careful they are very strong and go down really easily...

- The more Vanilla Essence the better in my opinion









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